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Golf Academy


Head coach in our club is Jerzy Dutczak. Jokingly we can say, the best golfer of the Polish pilots and the best of the Polish airman golfers. The first profession of our trainer is aircraft construction. Now he became a golf teacher.

Licensed golf instructor, have completed training at the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw. He completed a course of theoretical part of study PGA Polish Academy coaching. For five years he has worked as a Teaching Pro, formerly of the Krugsdorf in Germany. The first round of golf played in 1993 during the opening ceremony ... Amber Baltic Golf Club. In 1999, he was captain of the club.

In 2004 he won the Polish Championship in the Golf Journalists. In 2008, he won the national final of the tournament World Golfers Championships for 11-15 HCP, represented Poland at the world finals was played on the course of Mission Inn near Orlando, Florida USA.

Since 2011 he has run with Krzysztof Czupryna international school of golf, "C & D Golf". The school specializes in organizing courses for adults sports camps in Poland, Germany and Thailand. A collaboration between the monumental work of Christopher mane - "A game of golf", which is the official position of the Polish textbook Golf Association and the co-author Jerzy Dutczak. At the same time journalist golf enthusiast and promoter of golf. Since 2005, the publisher portal www.golfmedia.pl. He is currently working on a book: "How to build a cheap golf facility? - Construction of facilities for public golf. "

 - I must admit that I am very happy that I will be working at the Amber Baltic Golf Club - says Jerzy Dutczak. - This is a "magical place" for me and many of my friends with whom I started his golf adventure. There is something wonderful in the fact that after many years in the same place, I will be able to enter the mysteries of the game new generation of Polish golfers. For me, Amber Baltic Golf Club is the most beautiful of all the places where you can play golf in Poland. Professionally I am an admirer of putting, I think is the most underrated of golf skills. - adds a new Pro. - The game of golf wins and loses at the green. On the score card of a 5-cm putt, writes in the same way as the 200 meter long drive. In putting there is no end to improve their competence. Ideally spent time on the golf course is just practice on the putting green. For a couple of years of collaboration with Krzysztof Czupryna in the organization of specialized training courses Teaching adults is also seniors, beginners often. These methods I use every day in ABGC. Model swing and golf training, which is closest to me is based on the patterns of Manuel de la Torre, Jim McLean and Mike Adams. - Concludes his speech.

Below you will find a full range of training courses offered in ABGC.

 The "Green Card"
10-hour exam preparation program on "Green Card" is addressed to all those who have caught the bug and want to start your adventure with golf. In the "golf driving" are theoretical introducing the world of rules, rules and golf etiquette and practical activities including the assassination of both teaching full żelazami and driver, and all varieties of short games such as chipping, putting, bunker play and the game on the field in the final phase. The course does not include the exam.

Green Card
5x100min individually. 1200 - PLN
2 persons 5x100min. 900, - PLN (per person)
5x100min 3-4 people. 700, - PLN (per person)
5x100min 5-6 people. 600, - PLN (per person)
5x100min 7-8 people. 500, - PLN (per person)

The "Improve your game"
 10-hour program aimed at all those who finished the program "Green Card" and want to play better golf. The course program includes exercises and tests, whose task is to identify the critical points in the game. When issues are identified corrective training will be offered. The course is based on the experience of training over a hundred adults in international courses organized by the school and golf Cupryna Dutczak. The course is largely uses the information contained in the official guide to the game of golf - "A game of golf," Christopher forelocks and coauthor Jerzy Dutczak. Practical lessons include learning the full assassination and irons both driver and all varieties of short games such as chipping, putting, bunker play and the game on the field.
Improve your game
5x100min individually. 1200 - PLN
2 persons 5x100min. 900, - PLN (per person)
5x100min 3-4 people. 700, - PLN (per person)
5x100min 5-6 people. 600, - PLN (per person)
5x100min 7-8 people. 500, - PLN (per person)

Programs perfecting the game level

 Programs for golfers at different skill levels. Depending on the needs of the program covers all aspects of the game from the full assassination both irons, hybrids, woods by chipping, pitching, putting, bunker play, planning strategies, transmitting rotation, selection of clubs and strokes with difficult situations. Nothing stands in the way that everyone played their first round of less than 120, 100, 90 or 80 beats, simply select only appropriate teaching methods, best practice and skills tests. That's all for the duration of the program will take care of our qualified coach.
Programs can be used both in lessons and lessons drivingu the field. In the case of the package "6" will receive a 6 lessons for the price of 5 in the case of a package "10" 10 lessons for the price of 8.
Package 6 (price per person)
individually '6 for the price of 5 "6x50min. 700, - PLN
2 people "6 for the price of 5" 6x50 min. 525, - PLN
3-4 people "6 for the price of 5" 6x50 min. 375, - PLN
Package 10 (price per person)
individually "10 for the price of 8" 10x50 min. 1120 - PLN
2 people "10 for the price of 8" 10x50 min. 840, - PLN (per person)
3-4 people "10 for the price of 8" 10x50 min. 600, - PLN (per person)

Academy Short Game

 Golf is primarily a short game. Statistical golfer who performs 100 strokes, 56% performed at a distance of less than 50 meters. For all those who want to improve is in this area prepared "Academy of the short game". The program includes, pitching, chipping, playing out of the bunker and other heavy items as well as short, long and very long putts. If you hit the ball over shorter distances than colleagues but you have a good short game is still always defeat those who can hit the 300 meters but do not know what to do near the green.

Academy Short Game
Individual 4x50min. 500, - PLN
2 persons 4x50min. 390, - PLN (per person)
4x50min 3-4 people. 280, - PLN (per person)

Golf is perceived in the world as one of the most technically difficult sports. There's a little exaggeration, but in almost the discipline, technical basics are so extremely important. Okay, correct position and a corresponding bracket combined with exercises and work will make golf with black magic turns into pure pleasure. That's what I will take care of our qualified coach.

Golf lessons

Golf lessons
Individual 50 min. 140, - PLN
2 persons 50 min. 105, - PLN (per person)
3-4 of 50 min. 75, - PLN (per person)
5-8 of 50 min. 65, - PLN (per person)
9-16 of 50 min. 60, - PLN (per person)
more than 16 people negotiated price
over 30 people negotiated price
Individual 25 min. 80, - PLN
2 people 25 min. 65, - PLN (per person)
Individual 100 min. 250, - PLN
2 people 100 min. 180, - PLN (per person)

If interested, please telephone reservations at number 91 3265110 or by email club This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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